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Hyperice Vyper 3

Hyperice Vyper 3

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Hyperice Vyper 3 振動按摩滾筒

Ready to roll

用強大的震動按摩為你的身體注入活力,激活身體所有系統。Vyper 3 可加快你的熱身速度及恢復時間,讓你運動時有更好的表現。

Accelerated design

以你的身體為設計理念,Vyper 3 的輪廓設計有助於避免對脊椎和其他敏感區域的壓力,從而實現更舒適的滾動。

Turn it up

Vyper 3 為你的肌肉注入活力,讓你為之後的行動做好準備。通過3段高強度震動按摩消除緊張、放鬆、並讓你感覺更好。

Meet your new routine

期待你生命中最好的熱身體驗。將 Vyper 3 與 Hyperice 應用程式配對,以獲得專業建議、指導課程,並通過手機監控你的進度。

重量 2.7 lbs
13 x 5.4 x 5.4 英寸
high-torque 34W motor
透過藍牙連接到 Hyperice 應用程式(用於自動速度控制)
TSA approved TSA 核准隨身攜帶


Hyperice Vyper 3

Ready to roll
All systems activated. Prime your body with a powerful vibrating massage. The Vyper 3 accelerates your warm up, speeds recovery time, and keeps you moving better.

Accelerated design
Built with your body in mind. The Vyper 3’s contoured design helps avoid pressure on your spine and other sensitive areas for a more comfortable roll.

Turn it up
The Vyper 3 energizes your muscles and gets you prepped for action. Massage away tension, loosen up, and feel better with 3 speeds of high-intensity vibration.

Meet your new routine
Look forward to the best warm up of your life. Pair the Vyper 3 to the Hyperice App for pro advice, guided sessions, and to monitor your progress from your phone.

Weight 2.7 lbs
Size 13 x 5.4 x 5.4 in
Battery life 2 hours
Speed 3 speeds of percussion
Motor High-torque 34W motor
Bluetooth® Connects via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice App (for automated speed control)
TSA approved
Approved by TSA for carry-on
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